I have so so so much news everyone! As all of you know (or I hope you know lol), my debut novel, The Awakened, came out through OfTomes Publishing this past December. Its been doing quite well and I’m loving all the incredible responses you’ve all thrown my way. Its been a sort of surreal […]

Happy Release Day to me! That is probably one of the weirdest and most surreal things I’ve ever typed up on this blog. I’m seriously blown away by that! But its today! Today,¬†The Awakened¬†is a real book out in the real world! All over the world, people can go online and buy a copy of […]

“Nightmare” by Set It Off My very first book is releasing tomorrow, The Awakened. I am so insanely excited and anxious and nervous and excited about this. This is literally every single dream come true right now and I can’t wait to celebrate with you guys tomorrow. I had to share this with you guys […]

I am SO insanely excited to share this with you today! I’ve been counting down the days to revealing the official cover for The Awakened, and to finally tell you when you can get your hands on this beauty! As a reminder, my debut science fiction novel, The Awakened, is being published by the amazing […]

Only four days away from the official reveal of the cover! I received the final, beautiful, amazing, fantastical cover today and I’m so insanely excited to share it with all of you! You are going to seriously love it all SO insanely much!!! And I’m looking for help! I need to spread the word about […]