Books Pledged to Read in 2015: 150 Am I On Track:  3 books behind Books Read So Far:  33 Total Books For March:  11.5 (I read a comic book but I so counted it) Forever Princess (Re-Read) Mortal Danger Princess Leia #1 The Alex Crow Wait for You Insurgent (Re-Read) Awakening (ARC) Pitching for Amalie […]

Books Pledged to Read in 2014: 150 Books Am I On Track:  No. 11 Books Behind Books Read So Far:  114 Total Books For October:  8 (seriously what is WRONG with me) *      *      *      *      * The Beginning of Everything  The Queen of Bright and Shiny […]

Books Pledged to Read in 2014: 150 Books Am I On Track: Nope, I’m still behind. 5 books. I’m seriously so slump-y this year, guys :( Books Read So Far: 32 Total Books For March: 14 Remember, as always, to click the book title in order to read the review! The Graveyard Book by Neil Gaiman  The Alchemyst by […]