Once Upon a Time Returns!

I love fall. I love fall because it has Halloween and Thanksgiving. I love fall because the weather starts to finally cool down (not today though, it was up at about 104 degrees today!) and I can put on cardigans and jeans and boots but not freeze my butt off…. Read more »

We Say Goodbye to the Ponds

Last night was the fall season finale of Doctor Who, Angels Take Manhattan, until it returns in December for the Christmas special. This was the last episode for Amy Pond and Rory Williams. In all these interviews, Matt Smith and Karen Gillan and Arthur Darvill and Steven Moffat have been… Read more »

WhataNerdGirlSays Hits Comikaze 2012!

Hello everyone! Hope that you are having a wonderful week and that you enjoyed my first ever Book of the Week post yesterday. Look for those posts every Thursday or Friday :D Now, as it is Tuesday, normally this would be my Tuesday Three post. Instead, I’d rather review a… Read more »

Book of the Week: Trickster’s Choice

Welcome ot my newly weekly segment. Now, normally I’m going to be posting this around Thursday, Friday or Saturday to keep it nicely spaced out from the Tuesday Three. For now, the first one will be posted today because I’m sick in bed and I need something to do besides… Read more »

Being a Fan-Too Expensive?

I’m a fangirl. I think we’ve discussed this before but I am definitely a fangirl. I’m a nerd. I love fandoms. And something that comes along with that is a desire to buy everything in sight from that fandom. I want all the Blu-rays, I want a kick ass cosplay… Read more »

The Tuesday Three

As I spend most of my days lately burning to a crisp from the still lingering hot weather here in Southern California, I sit in my room, full of wonderful air conditioned air, ready to bring you the Tuesday Three. 1. Dinosaurs on a Spaceship I could listen to Matt… Read more »

The Tuesday Three

Hello, everyone! Hope that your week is going okay so far. For you U.S. nerds out there, the week is just starting as we just had a three day weekend. I hope everyone had a good weekend and was SAFE! I’m big on the safety :D I had myself a… Read more »

Doctor Who Returns

So it’s finally happened. After what feels like a million years, Doctor Who has finally returned. My boyfriend and I sat down to watch series 5 and 6, baked some Doctor Who cupcakes (where I failed miserably at spelling ‘doctor’) and enjoyed the first episode of series 7. I’m going… Read more »

Tuesday Three

I know, I know, it’s Wednesday. I feel like a jerk because I have written anything in AGES but here it is: The Tuesday Three. For those of you who don’t know what the Tuesday Three is, please read previous entry, which explains what the Tuesday Three is AND is… Read more »

The Tuesday Three

        I feel like its been forever since I wrote…in reality it was probably only a couple days. But I love this blog and I love YOU guys so I came up with this little thing called the Tuesday Three. I did this for a couple reasons…. Read more »