Disney and Lucasfilms: Good or Bad?

Now if you paid even the slightest bit of attention to your Facebook feed or your Twitter feed yesterday, you probably would’ve noticed a little bit of news in the nerd and film world. Disney, probably one of the biggest companies in the world, has made the move to acquire… Read more »

The Tuesday Three

You know there is something that I noticed today. And it’s that Tuesdays are worse than Mondays. I mean, sure, Mondays feel terrible after the weekend, especially when your weekend has been awesome. But Tuesdays, Tuesdays are way worse. Tuesdays are like, oh you got through Monday? Well you still… Read more »

Book of the Week: The Diviners

Oh hello my friends. How are we all doing this week? Great? I hope so. If not, make it good! You can always turn a frown upside down. I recommend Harry Potter. Well, its that time of week again, its time for Book of the Week. If you missed last… Read more »

National Edge Day

Don’t worry. I’m not here to lecture you. I just wanted to share this little known holiday, if you will, that celebrates what is known as the straightedge lifestyle. To put it quickly, it stems from the hardcore movement (though it is definitely expanded since then), and it basically is… Read more »

The Tuesday Three

I know, I’m the worst blogger in the entire world. I totally introduce the idea of a weekly post called the Tuesday Three and I haven’t done it in weeks. I’m horrible. My only excuse is that I’ve been working hard in school and working hard to bring you awesome… Read more »

National Coming Out Day!

Now some of you may know this but yesterday was National Coming Out Day. I really love this day because it really encourages everyone, straight, gay, lesbian, bi to be themselves and to accept themselves and to be accepting of others. I loved reading all the tweets, seeing all the… Read more »

Liebster Blog Award

For those of you who don’t know (I didn’t know), the Liebster Blog Award is an award that is given to a blog with less than 200 followers (I have about 40 so that’s definitely me) and its basically to given some recognition to those up and coming blogs who… Read more »