As a huge supporter of young adult literature, John Green is one of the authors that top my list. John Green is definitely an example of how young adult literature can be used as a viable source of literature and SHOULD be used in classrooms. Moving on though, its been forever since I did a […]

Happy New Year nerds!!! It’s officially 2013! Welcome to the first installment of the newly revised Tuesday post. Before I called it the Tuesday Three and it was meant as a post for three things that were on my mind in the nerd week. And let’s just say that I failed incredibly at it. I […]

One of my fellow contributors sent me a picture a couple weeks ago, when I asked my contributors to write a Best Of list for me before the end of the year…this is what he sent me: And to that I say…what TERRIBLE spelling (who doesn’t know how to spell coming?) and also, HA! I […]

So we all (well, maybe not ALL) celebrated that wonderful holiday, Christmas. Which, really, only means one thing: You know, besides, presents…and food, and cake, and snow, and Christmas lights and pine trees and gingerbread men and candy canes and… All right, there are a LOT of awesome things about Christmas. But if you’re a […]

Its official! Cassandra Clare has announced her spring tour to promote the release of the final installment of the Infernal Devices series, Clockwork Princess…and she’s coming back to California! I am soooooo excited! I met Cassie a couple years ago, when City of Fallen Angels came out and she was AWESOME. She did a joint […]

So my blog posts lately have been pretty sporatic and I haven’t been on top of doing Book of the Week or any of those things. I feel pretty bad, especially since I’m out of school and I should have WHIMS of time to do it, and its just simply not getting done at all. […]

As the headline suggests, today I am talking about bullies and insecurities. It shouldn’t be a surprise that I would eventually have a blog post that talked about bullies and insecurities and that sort of thing. In the kind of world that I have wrapped myself in, these things seem to be pretty prevalent. Nowadays, […]

I’m going to start off by saying one thing…Peter Jackson is a god. In the words of our Tabitha, Peter Jackson doesn’t make movies…he makes films. These are so true. Now, I have a respect for Guillermo del Toro, though I’m not a big fan of his movies…but I’m so glad that Peter Jackson was […]

Today, I took my final examination for my children’s literature class. I know, I’m really sad about it. I am definitely going to miss this class. Its crazy how I took this class on a whim and it has been one of my favorite clases that I’ve ever taken. But anyway, one of the questions […]

Its been FOREVER since I’ve done a Book of the Week post. Its been so long that I cannot even remember what book I did for Book of the Week. I’m also doing Book of the Week on a Monday instead of a Friday. The best part? This Book of the Week is COMPLETELY spoiler […]

Today, I’m here to talk to you about love. Yes, love. I’m talking kisses and hugs, and forever, and all that stuff. Love. True Love. Now, I’m not going to sit here and claim that I know everything about love, because I definitely do not. I love my boyfriend sooooo much and we have been […]