Today was a SERIOUSLY good day to be a Shadowhunter, a.k.a. a fan of Cassandra Clare’s series, The Mortal Instruments and the Infernal Devices. For those of you who are unware of what I’m talking about it, you obviously don’t read my blog. I am obsessed with both of those series. I even have a […]

Welcome to my new weekly segment. This is basically a fluff piece to remind everyone that I’m here and to keep reading this blog…basically. I just want to have an excuse to keep writing, and sharing things with you guys. So every Monday, I’m gonna share a song with you guys; whatever song is in […]

Its that TIIIIIIIIIIIME of week again. Book of the Week time. I’m writing this earlier than I actually need to because I’m tired and I’m not feeling well (a cold totally *would* attack me just days before I start my spring semester) so I figured, well, might as well do my Book of the Week […]

So, I don’t know if you’ve been keeping up with the nerd news lately, but it was just recently announced that J.J. Abrams will be directing the 7th installment of the ever-growing Star Wars franchise. And while I’m still unsure about how I feel about a 7th installment, I feel slightly better now that I […]

Today, I really started thinking of Tamora Pierce. She just won the Margaret A. Edwards Lifetime Achievement Award from the American Library Association. If there is anyone in this world that deserves that award, it is her. Her first novel, Alanna: The First Adventure, came out in the early 80s. She continues to publish novels, […]

Hello everyone. I hope everyone is having a great and nerdy week. We’ve had some good news this week in that Doctor Who finally got a return date! (March 30th for those of you who missed yesterday’s post). Lots of really awesome things are coming soon. Wonder Con is the same weekend as the return […]

Hello, all. I hope that you had a wonderful weekend. Mine started off on a sour note but turned out to be okay :) I kept myself busy spending time with my boyfriend, my friends and a few books! But now its that time again, time for the Tuesday Top Ten. I’ve always told myself […]

Its official! I’m a GoodReads author on the GoodReads website. I’m really, really very excited about this. I had tried pretty hard to become a GoodReads author, when I published Another Chance for Summer. And its actually a lot harder than I thought it was going to be. I applied to be a GoodReads librarian […]

So, with A Little Less than Famous published, I’ve been hearing more and more about this new term or genre that people have being using to describe my novel. This new genre, if you will, is called “new adult”. I had a general idea of what new adult meant but I decided to go out […]

Welcome back to the Book of the Week, in its new day, Thursday! I changed the outline of my blog a little bit and moved the Book of the Week from Friday to Thursday. Okay, and I am totally aware that is neither Thursday nor Friday and I’m already doing seriously horrible at sticking to […]

Ahhhh it feels good to be back, writing for the blog. I spent most of last week on an editing bender, trying to get A Little Less than Famous done. I procrastinated in the worst way and left it to the last possible moments. Luckily I had asked to help from others earlier on and […]

It’s done, it’s done, it’s done. A Little Less than Famous is DONE! After working my butt off nonstop for all the hours that I haven’t been asleep or working, its finally done. It’s not perfect; I really need a professional editor to look over it and spot the things that I just couldn’t spot […]

So I promise you, and my loyal readers (all six of them), and some other people to have my novel, A Little Less than Famous, done by December 10th. And that didn’t happen. So I promised to have it done and ready for you all by January 10th. Which is Thursday. Which is only a […]