NaNoWriMo 2014

Join me in my journey as I write my novel, Needs a Title, in celebration of NaNoWriMo 2014.

I don’t follow the actual official goal of NaNoWriMo. I will not complete my novel by the end of the month, but I will work very hard on getting my word count up, and working on tackling my character development, my setting creation and finishing my plot outlines, in order to create the best story possible.

This untitled novel is going back to what I normally write: young adult romance contemporary. Here is the synopsis. Its sloppy but it should get better as time goes on.

This novel is centered around a girl named Evie Cordova and the town of Macon, where she has lived for most of her life. See, the town of Macon is a beautiful coastal California town, complete with good food, friendly neighbors, a boardwalk on the beach, and a booming tourist economy. But the one thing the town is obsessed with more than anything is baseball. And not just baseball but the Macon Rebels, the local college’s baseball team. The entire town is decked in orange and white and worships the players like superheroes.

Evie’s dad once played for the Rebels before playing in the Major Leagues so she’s grown up on baseball. Baseball is the beginning and end of every single day. She worships the Rebels, memorizes the stats of every player, watches every single game eagerly. She anxiously awaits each batch of new freshmen and talks of nothing but baseball. Then her dad becomes the coach and recruits young Jesse Valdez, a high school phenomenon, to come pitch for the Rebels. He’s incredible, on and off the field, and Evie is determined to make him her boyfriend.

Fast forward two years. Evie’s love for baseball? Gone. She’s now at the university and she’ll do anything she can to steer clear of the baseball team, especially now that Jesse is a star pitcher for the San Francisco Giants, engaged to her twin sister Lucy and the father of her niece, Ava. Something happened two years ago, something that changed her love for baseball.

Then she mets Austin Young, a junior transfer from the University of Texas. He’s struggling to make something of himself in the baseball world but he’s determined, working every single day to make himself better and better. But he keeps failing, his batting average is terrible and he makes too many mistakes on the field. Evie knows that she can help him, she knows exactly what to do to make him better but she DOESN’T want to be involved with baseball anymore, especially when it involves a hot baseball player. Because we still don’t know what happened a few years ago…

Join in with me, throughout the month, as I introduce you to  my story, my characters, and the world that I am building, and as I tackle the various obstacles that we must get through to get to the end of a novel.

November 1stAbout My Novel and Where I Write!

November 4th: Meeting the Main Characters of my Novel: Evie, Lucy, Jesse, Austin, and Connor

November 7th: Let’s Talk About Setting: Macon, California

November 8th: Actual Writing Advice from Actual Authors

November 9th: Fan Casting!

November 14thMy Journey to Becoming an Aspiring Novelist!

November 16th: Its the Halfway Point! Update, Struggles/Successes!

November 18th: The Inspiration Behind The Untitled Novel

November 20th: Character Playlists

November 22nd: Free Write: Lucy and Evie Celebrate Thanksgiving

November 29th: My Sophomore Experience with NaNoWriMo

November 30th: Excerpt from my Novel…So Far