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Help Me Choose What to Read Next!

So….I finished Struck a few days ago and since then, I haven’t been able to read a book. I keep starting them but I can’t seem to grab hold of one long enough to finish it. I can’t really make a decision on what book I should read, and finish…. Read more »

Shadowhunters SteleCast: A Spark of Heavenly Fire!

Tonight, iFandoms Collide’s Dear Cassandra Clare Project was featured on the Shadowhunter Stelecast podcast. Tatiana and I participated in the actual podcast while Megan and Sylvia live tweeted about our conversations. We joined hosts Ellie and Natasha, and TMI Source blogger, Alyssa, in discussing the happenings in TMI world. We… Read more »

Dearest Cassandra Clare,

Hey guys! My dear Sylvia posted an awesome post all about our Cassandra Clare writing project :D Its similar to mine but she posted even MORE so definitely check it out :D

Let’s Get a City of Bones Tour!

I’ve had the awesome experience of meeting Cassandra Clare, Kevin Zegers, Lily Collins and Jamie Campbell Bower. Which was soooooo awesome. Now I want to meet Robert Sheehan and Gemima West and I want all of us to! So get on twitter and start tweeting your heart with the hash… Read more »

Calling All Fandoms!

A couple days ago I was talking books with someone and they really put down Cassandra Clare. And the thing is…Cassandra Clare has a back story. She’s had issues with plagiarism and transferring her fan fictions to general fictions. These are things that I’m aware of and honestly I moved… Read more »

I’m a GoodReads Author!

Its official! I’m a GoodReads author on the GoodReads website. I’m really, really very excited about this. I had tried pretty hard to become a GoodReads author, when I published Another Chance for Summer. And its actually a lot harder than I thought it was going to be. I applied… Read more »

Just A Little Note…

So I promise you, and my loyal readers (all six of them), and some other people to have my novel, A Little Less than Famous, done by December 10th. And that didn’t happen. So I promised to have it done and ready for you all by January 10th. Which is… Read more »

New Blog Lineup

So my blog posts lately have been pretty sporatic and I haven’t been on top of doing Book of the Week or any of those things. I feel pretty bad, especially since I’m out of school and I should have WHIMS of time to do it, and its just simply… Read more »