Review Policy

Please Note: Due to an overwhelming volume of ARCs and review copies received, we are currently only accepting print copies at this time. E-ARCs will be accepted only for books I’m already interested in. Please check back to later to see if this has changed and make sure to review the rest of the policy. I apologize for any inconvenience. (03/15)


I am currently accepting advanced reader copies of young adult, new adult and middle grade novels. If you would are an author, publisher or publicist with a major publishing house and would like to send us an ARC for an honest review, please email us at whatanerdgirlsays at gmail dot com. We accept print ARCs as well as digital ARCs.


Please keep in mind that granting us an advanced copy does not guarantee a positive review. We will never sell our ARCs, and we will do the best we can to post a review in a timely manner, according to our own schedules and lives. We all wish we could read several books a day, but that’s just an impossibility.


We absolutely love to help out indie authors, but we are also wary of this as well. Please do not take it as an insult if we do not read your book. We do the best we can to accommodate as many authors and books that we can.


Lastly, we will NEVER spoil anything in a book in a review. Every one of our reviews is spoiler free, guaranteed.


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