Oh yes! Its that time again :)

I’m excited to be heading back to the awesome all Doctor Who convention, sick Gallifrey One, physician this weekend! This is one of my VERY favorite weekends of the year so I’m very excited to head down tonight!

Just a head’s up though! I won’t be blogging much during the weekend (the wi-fi is, approved sadly, not free) and the service there just kind of sucks in general haha. I have some book reviews post dated for this weekend but that’s about it. I’ll be kind of MIA this weekend, taking my time to enjoy my little mini vacation!

That being said, if you follow me on Instagram, I will be posting nearly everything there or on my Twitter. Make sure to follow those in order to follow my shenanigans for the weekend!

Have a great weekend everyone! Happy Valentine’s Day and all that good stuff!

Geronimo! Allons-y!

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